ATM Reporting Online Access Request Form
All required fields must be completely filled in accurately and must match our records on file before online access will be provided.
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Acceptance of Online Reporting Fees
User acknowledges that due to the increased number of available reports and real time reporting of cash balances, there is now a monthly fee associated to access the company online reporting system. User acknowledges and accepts there they will be charged a fee of $3.00 Per Month, for online access and this fee will be deducted from users monthly residual income statement. User acknowledges that should their residual statement reflect negative earnings that company has authorization to debit the monthly fee from the processing account on file.
Acceptance of Online Reporting Terms & Conditions
Users acknowledge that all reports provided are not final until the processing entity has completed the settlement adjustment for the month. Users understand and acknowledge that during the current month reports are subject to change based on the data files retrieved from the processing entity, until the processing entity finalizes the data on or around the 15th day of the following month. Users further acknowledge and understand that residual income payments are not based on the reports provided via the online access, but based on the internal company based reports as determined by the final data provided by the processor as well as determined by the terms and conditions of their individual processing contract. Users understand that during the year the company will require web/online downtime for maintenance purposes and system enhancements from time to time and that should the online access by unavailable for any period of time that this does not constitute a credit of online access fees.